Guys. This is huge. So where do I begin?

Traditions run strong in my family.  One Sunday afternoon during our weekly family dinner, Brett snuck off to his room to show me something he was very excited about.  After a few beeps from the buttons on his safe, the door opens and I see a small little box in his hand. At this moment it hit me - I was getting the sister I have never had!  He smiled real big and said shhhh!  Little did I know, I was the only one who was going to know (well you know, of course I had to tell Ashley.)  And for those of you who are wondering wondering, because I know you are,  of course HE WENT TO JARED (yes, the galleria of jewelry!)

It was his idea to stage a photo session to pop the question.  DUH!  How great of an idea was that?  He wanted to propose on the family farm where we have spent our entire childhood.  Traditions, remember?  We grew up here, raised animals, got into water gun fights in the house, played hide and go seek in the barn, learned to drive and how to work… the list could go on and on forever.  This place is special and a insanely important part of our lives.  He couldn't really imagine a better place to ask her to be his wife and a part of our family.

This is also the place I chose to proposed to Ashley! Traditions, traditions.

For those of you who don't know Brett and Emilye, they are high school sweethearts.  We've all known that this was going to happen eventually, especially Emilye.  But she definitely didn't see it coming this particular weekend.

Brett asked Emilye to cancel her plans to spend the weekend rock climbing in Chattanooga so that they could take spring pictures together.  She had no idea that another type of rock was heading her way.  He drove her around the farm for photos in some of their favorite locations before walking her up to the hilltop at sunset, sneaking up behind her as she was taking portraits and surprising her with the "Will you marry me?" that she's been waiting for!  Their audience was none other than the Guge family's heard of cattle that gathered around to witness this special moment.

 Her answer? "It's about time!"

So enough of me story telling…. check out these photos!

Congrats Emily and Brett! We love you two!


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Jared, the Galleria of Jewelry