How many photos can be taken at an event?
Your photo booth rental includes unlimited photo prints. Your guest will have the option to select how many copies they want to print. 

Will there be an attendant with the booth?
Of course! One of our awesome team members will be right there to make sure your guest are having a great time.

Can I get copies after the event?
YES! YES! YES! After your event, we will download all the photos taken from the event and deliver them to you.

How many photos does the booth take?
During the planning process, we will create or let you choose a custom print layout that fits your event perfectly. Each strip can print up to 4 images. 

Can you record video?
Sure. Our photo booth allows you to choose photo, video, or both for your event. Your guest will be able to select on our professional touch screen which option they would like.

How long does it take for the guest to receive their photo strips?
About 15 second :)

How many people can fit in the booth?
Approximately 5 adults can fit into the booth.

Can we play music inside the booth?
Please! We have an option that will allow music to be played inside the booth during the event.

How much space does the booth require?
We ask for a 10x10 area. This will allow room for the photo booth and props table.

Are props provided?
This is the best part! We are fully stocked with all types of props for your guest to use. 

We require at least one standard three prong outlet within 75 feet of the booth. We do have options for power that is not available outdoors. 

Can we book the booth along with photography and videography at my event?
Yes! With our experienced team, we are able to offer all three options at one event. 

How long does it take to setup?
About 30 minutes. 

How do I secure my date?
A $200 deposit is all we require to hold your day.